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Zambia Among Nations forewarned about cyclone “Freddy”

After recent reports indicated that Zambia is among the seven countries warned to stay alert of a tropical cyclone also known as “Freddy,” HEAVY RAINS in some parts of the country may be on the horizon.

On Tuesday, a tropical cyclone struck some areas of Madagascar, leaving one person dead as powerful winds and torrential rains tore off the roofs of some homes.

The UN has stated in an advisory note that it is closely monitoring the situation, which raises the possibility of devastating storms and flooding in the majority of SADC nations.

Beatrice Mutali, a UN delegate, stated that the most recent SADC – Climate Service Center reports show that Cyclone Freddy extended to many parts of the region.

“Latest reports from the SADC-Climate Services Centre indicate that, in the coming days, intense Tropical Cyclone (Freddy) is expected to make landfall in different parts of the Southern African Region-including Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Eswatini, and South Africa.

“It will involve heavy rainfall with flash floods. The situation may occasion a high risk of dangerous storm surge, flooding, and strong/damaging wind especially in locations on the storm’s path in Zambia and indications are that the Southern Province will be most affected and some parts of Central and Eastern Provinces,” she said.

Although the Zambian Meteorological Department and the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) are working with counterparts in other neighboring countries to monitor the situation, she said, “it has become necessary to alert all UN personnel accordingly for the needed caution and vigilance, as well as the minimization of movements.”

All Heads of Agencies are, also, advised to be on the alert for possible activation of their respective BCPs if the need arises. Please be guided accordingly,” she said

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