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Sahle Work-Zewde, the president of Ethiopia, praises President Hakainde Hichilema’s economic statements

President Sahle Work-Zewde of Ethiopia said her nation has attentively followed President Hakainde Hichilema’s economic remarks and is looking forward to increasing bilateral collaboration.

At a festive ceremony held at the Prime Minister’s Palace in honor of Zambia’s ambassador to Ethiopia, Rose Sakala, President Work-Zewde emphasized the importance of the two nations looking into more potential areas of cooperation.

She argued that Africa shouldn’t just concentrate on maintaining peace and security while ignoring other key developmental goals like agriculture, health, and education.

Mrs. Sakala applauded the collaboration between the Ethiopian Airlines Group and the Zambian Government, which was carried out through the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) as strategic equity partners in the establishment of Zambia Airways, the national airline of Zambia.

Mrs. Sakala emphasized the necessity of redoubling efforts to expand areas of cooperation for the two countries’ mutual benefit.

“Zambia Airways will accrue many benefits to our countries and continent, hence enhancing regional integration and trade, in line with Agenda 2063, the Africa we want that is prosperous, peaceful and integrated,’’ she said.

As a result of their shared membership in organizations like the COMESA, African Union, and United Nations, Ambassador Sakala continued, Zambia and Ethiopia have positive relations at the bilateral, regional, and international levels.


She added that Zambia is prepared to work with Ethiopia in a variety of industries, including livestock, leather, and leather goods.

According to the ambassador, it is now the appropriate time to realize the enormous potential of bilateral commerce in a variety of goods, where Zambia and Ethiopia have a competitive edge and can make significant contributions to economic development and citizen wealth creation.

The Ambassador advocated for the implementation of the two Memoranda of Understanding, which included Cooperation Agreements in the Fields of Communication, Information, and Media; Water Resources Management; and Commerce, at the first Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation (JPC) between Zambia and Ethiopia, held in Lusaka in March 2017.


She stated that Zambia is anticipating the upcoming JPC meeting between Ethiopia and Zambia, which will be hosted by Ethiopia, in order to further solidify the two countries’ current relationship.

Inutu Mwanza, the Zambian Embassy’s First Secretary for Press and Tourism, said as much in a statement.


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