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Saluding Zambia’s Democracy Is Finland

SAANA HALINEN, the ambassador of Finland to Zambia, has referred to Zambia as a global model of democracy.

The expansion of democracy in the nation, according to Ms. HALINEN, brings hope to all.

She made this statement at a post-democracy summit conversation in Lusaka, Zambia, that the Carter Center arranged to examine how to include women, young people, and people with disabilities as influencers and decision-makers.

Demo Finland, a group founded by Finnish political parties, has cooperated with the Zambia National Women’s Lobby for ten years to advance women’s political empowerment in Zambia, according to Ms. HALINEN.
In order to strengthen the political rights of people with disabilities, she claims that there has been recent collaboration with Disability Rights Watch, and that the programs have produced good outcomes.

Yet, Ms. HALINEN has recognized the erosion of democracy in many other nations and the necessity for cooperation to advance democracy.

Moreover, BRENDA NYIRENDA, vice chair of Zambia’s National Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, has advocated for legislation to guarantee that women, youths, and people with disabilities are included in the governance of the nation.

According to Ms. NYIRENDA, decisions affecting the welfare of disadvantaged groups in society should be made after consulting them.

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