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SANGWA: Put debt crisis ahead of proposed constitutional amendments

Constitutional attorney JOHN SANGWA asserts that amending the Constitution must be prioritized over the nation’s fiscal issue.

According to Mr. SANGWA, the modification to the constitution should not take precedence over the necessity to pay off the nation’s mounting debt.

He claims that money should be better spent on other urgent national issues than on constitutional revisions.

During the current Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) Annual General Meeting (AGM), Mr. SANGWA was speaking.

The national document is not perfect, he has acknowledged, but the country can get by with it because the debt problem is a more pressing issue.

Additionally, Attorney General MULILO KABESHA has urged the legal professionals to share their opinions in unison.

Mr. KABESHA argued that it is crucial to consider the factors that contributed to the debt’s accumulation as well as the fact that the current administration modified the legislation to make debt contracts illegal after receiving parliamentary approval.

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