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Schools advised not to reject CDF-sponsored students

The Kabwata Constituency Development Fund Committee has urged secondary schools and technical schools not to turn away students who are receiving financial aid through the CDF bursaries section.

It has been noted that a number of schools are turning away pupils who have not paid their tuition, according to CHILEKWA MUNKONGE, the CDF Chairperson for the Kabwata Constituency.

According to Mr. MUNKONGE, a process of beneficiary verification has been going on while monies for bursaries haven’t yet been released.
He states that after the announcement of the grades 7, 9, 12, and college results is finished, the verification process is anticipated to be finished the following week.
Additionally, Mr. Munkonge has urged more young people in the nation to benefit from the bursaries offered by the skills component, enroll in different universities, and acquire skills.

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