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Search for US VP grandfather’s house in Zambia

According to the UK’s Times newspaper, US Vice-President Kamala Harris’ desire to see the home where she formerly lived with her grandfather in the 1960s prompted a search for the building.

Ms. Harris, the latest of 18 top American officials to visit the continent since January of this year, is scheduled to visit Zambia this weekend as part of a nine-day journey to three African nations.

When she was a young girl, she visited her grandfather VP Gopalan in Zambia, an Indian civil official who had been sent there to assist in resettling refugees after the country had acquired independence.

According to The Times, the US embassy in Lusaka has asked the public for assistance in finding Mr. Gopalan’s previous residence in an effort to trace Ms. Harris’ “childhood contacts with the country.”

According to a statement from her office, the trip to Africa is anticipated to improve US partnerships on the continent regarding “security and economic success.”

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