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Security agencies Placed on high alert to curb illegal exports

Security agencies have been placed on high alert to curb illegal exports and smuggling of maize and mealie meal to neighbouring countries

To stop the unlawful exports and smuggling of maize and mealie meal to neighboring nations, security services have been put on high alert.

Resolutions from the 6th Cabinet meeting, which was held on Monday in the Statehouse and presided over by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, state as much.

According to CHUSHI KASANDA, chief government spokesperson, the action will guarantee that the nation maintains food security, notably for the basic cereal, maize.

Anyone engaged in smuggling and unlawful exports will be subject to the wrath of the law, Ms. KASANDA has warned.

This was said in a statement issued in Lusaka by Ms. KASANDA, who is also the Minister of Information and Communication.
The Cabinet has adopted the 2023-2026 National Electronic Government Plan in compliance with The Electronic Government Act Number 41 of 2021.

Ms KASANDA said the National Electronic Government Strategy is expected to drive the public sector digital transformation to actualise effective and efficient public service delivery.

She said that the country’s 516 gazetted public bodies will all see increased operational and financial efficiency as the country’s digital economy continues to expand and take off.
The appointment of members to the boards of nine institutions, including the National Road Fund Agency Board, the Zambian Tobacco Board, the Zambian Coffee Board, and the Zambian Cotton Board, was also approved by the cabinet.

Ms. Kasanda stated that the development of Holiday Houses Concept in the nation, which aims to change Zambia’s tourism narrative into a preferred destination of choice, has received Cabinet approval.

She said Cabinet has also authorized the hosting of the Second Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, Heads of State Conference between June and July in Livingstone.

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