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Shorter court trials welcomed by the Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) finds it reassuring that President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is standing by his promise that the court will expedite trials and resolve cases within a set number of days.

MWELWA MULEYA, the manager of public relations for the Commission, also commended the government for taking concrete measures to provide improved access to justice.

The repeal of the public order act, which will, in Mr. MULEYA’s opinion, strengthen the rights to assembly, expression, and association, has received acclaim from Mr. MULEYA and President HICHILEMA.

And Mr. Muleya praised the administration for making the prisons and jails livable for the prisoners, claiming that this is their right.

According to him, it’s crucial to restore the inmates’ dignity by creating a supportive environment.

And Mr. Muleya, who was speaking on the 13 Hours News, said it was admirable that the President brought up CDF and regretted that some lawmakers weren’t using the funds to support education.

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