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IBA demands more programming with child content

All broadcasting stations must, according to the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), air considerable amounts of children’s programming that reflect Zambian themes, literature, and historical events.

Children should be involved in the programming process, according to IBA Director General JOSEPHINE MAPOMA, as the nation joins the rest of the globe in celebrating the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) on March 5.

Ms. MAPOMA observes that some stations do not allow kids to participate in their daily activities.

According to her, broadcasting has developed to include kids as hosts of programs that promote issues that concern them.

According to Ms.MAPOMA, this is why IDCB shouldn’t be a one-time event and stations should keep involving kids even after ICDB is commemorated.

According to her, this will enable diversified material and support the discovery of talent.

The theme for this year’s ICDD is “Invest in us, Safeguard us, We are the future.”

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