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Sichamba Rejects Plea, Findlay Begs For Passport

Chrint Sichamba, the proprietor of Ndozo Lodge, and two other people were charged with possession of 130 counts of property thought to be the proceeds of crime, but they chose not to enter a plea.

This is because the first and second accused, Mr. Sichamba and his wife Eudora Nambela, are not present.

The defense attorney informed Magistrates Irene Wishimanga that their client Chrint Sichamba suffered a seizure and had been transported to the hospital when the case was called for a plea.

The second accused person’s wife was with him at the hospital and was taking care of him, the attorneys further disclosed to the court.

In this case, 140 properties thought to be the profits of crime were allegedly discovered in the possession of the defendants.

Additionally, the trio is accused of corruption involving 781 million Kwacha and more than 10 million US dollars.

The 14th of February has been scheduled as the date for the court’s decision in the case of Lusaka businessman Harry Findlay, who is requesting that the court return his passport so that he can travel for medical treatment.

Findlay is accused of having two charges of owning multiple passports and having endorsements for fake immigration stamps in this case.

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