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Simz Ngema and Tino Chinyani Continue To Confuse The Enemy

After much confusion about whether Simphiwe ‘Simz’ Ngema and Tino Chinyani are officially back together when they were spotted on vacation together. It appears the pair are enjoying all the attention they are getting surrounding their unconfirmed romantic relationship status.

Sim Ngema

Recently Simz Ngema and Tino were seen living their best lives at some beautiful beach while jet-skiing. Facebook was abuzz following those pictures circulating, while it left people wondering whether the pair is officially back together or just only co-parenting.

The very recent pictures have the Twitter streets shaken as the pair were spotted being all ‘lovey dovey’ in a pool for the whole world to see. Tweeps are continuing to speculate the status of the pair’s relationship. However, some have decided to stay out of two people’s business.

“Into yabantu abanini ayingenywa” wrote Why Ufikelate

Meanwhile, some tweeps certainly have gravely expressed their disappointment at Sim Ngema for taking back her baby’s father, even after the rumors of cheating on her. Tweeps have gone to pity Simz, with claims that if and when she really needs help, nobody would be around to offer her because of the roller-coaster relationship with Tino.

“Lol, women who take cheating partners back make me laugh. She healed she’s ready for part 2” wrote Cream Maponya

“The problem with this kind of relationship is, when you actually need help like really need help, nobody is going to come through for you. Because we assume you’re joking …but continue” wrote Karabo

Tweeps have since requested Simz Ngema to never bother them with lengthy statements, explaining their relationship status if and when they happen to break up, again.

“But they include us when they start releasing statements,” wrote Mistressssi

“But she’s the one who sent out a lengthy letter about their break up, they invited us into their business,” wrote Itumeleng Rantho
“She must not write that lengthy statement again with that said let’s drink water lol,” wrote Sizzle Diva

“They must stop announcing break ups,” wrote City Girl


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Cornet Mamabolo

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