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SK Khoza and his partner, Choice Kate

SK Khoza spoke about all the incidents that he experienced over the past year, and he thanked his lover, Choice Kate for standing by him.

The actor trended several times on social media, and most of the times he trended due to unpleasant situations.
Where or how to even begin to describe, explain, or break down what happened… Since whatever happens to ME affects people in my family. FAMILY that doesn’t respond to noise…We silently turn to our higher power and our ancestors for HELP, GUIDANCE AND ANSWERS…” It’s not easy to become a person who understands that one has to grasp. “LISTENING TO UNDERSTAND RATHER THAN LISTENING TO RESPOND” he wrote.

Khoza made it known that he can never be perfect; he further explained that people are quick to judge without knowing the full story of what happened.

However, he feels blessed to have his partner who has been supportive and understanding through the trying times.

SK Khoza

“But just to summarise it, We all know and I’m content with knowing that I will NEVER EVER BE PERFECT…infact I am aware that most people don’t actually care enough to know everything about certain things but it’s easy to comment and judge. Have perceptions about how I am, based on what’s said on social media platforms…Abantu don’t know other I am BLESSED to have so many important individuals who are in my corner at all times no matter what happening @choicekate for your TIME, RESPECT, SUPPORT, CARE & LOVE.”

“One day people will hear the whole insane story. You have also endured so much SUFFERING, HEARTACHE AND SCRUTINISING just for being a part of my life. Yet somehow you still around and there for me even when you are thousands of miles away,” SK added.

The actor desires to make some rectifications while on his spiritual journey.

“There is still so much that I need to FIX, make AMENDS and PROFUSELY APOLOGISE and plead and beg for FORGIVENESS…But with this ANCESTRAL and SPIRITUAL journey that I am on I strongly believe that I will. Living in fear is tough enough, having sleepless nights, nightmares and waking up everyday wondering what’s going to be trending about me is HELLA HEAVY

Source: Fakazanews

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