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Chinkuli Applauds Army’s Contribution to Nation’s Development

According to General KINGSLEY CHINKULI, the First Indigenous Commander of the Zambian Army, the Army has been crucial to the growth of the nation.

According to General CHINKULI, the army’s human resources have made significant contributions in a variety of ways to Zambia’s steady pace of progress.

The former commander of the Zambian Army was appearing on ZNBC’s The Update TV1 program as part of a debate about the celebration of Zambia Army Day.

“Fit to battle, celebrating 50 years of Women Defending and Serving with Pride in the Zambia Army” is the subject for this year’s Zambia Army Day.

General ISAAC CHISUZI, a former commander of the Zambian army, added that the government should continue to recognize both men and women who wear uniforms in order to promote good governance.

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