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Government Gives Industrial Output Priority

The government has acknowledged that entrepreneurship is an important sector that makes a substantial contribution to the nation’s economic expansion and wealth development.

This is the reason, according to BRILLIANT HABENZU, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Technology and Science, the administration has prioritized higher productivity and exports while involving the majority of residents at all levels.

At the beginning of the 15th Annual Global Entrepreneurship 2022, Vocational and Training Director ALEX SIMUMBA read a speech on Dr. HABEENZU’s behalf.

He claimed that the Global Entrepreneurship Network Zambia and its sponsors are thrilled to be supporting the government’s efforts to encourage an entrepreneurial culture and growth mindset among the populace.

Entrepreneurship is one of the main forces driving the economy, according to Margaret Siwale, director of the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

Since the majority of colleges and universities have included entrepreneurship in their curricula to reduce reliance on white collar professions, Ms. SIWALE claimed that the gathering also aims to promote student growth in entrepreneurship.

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