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Skeem Saam star Clement Maosa breaks silence on suicide claims

Clement Maosa or Kwaito, as he is affectionately known on Skeem Saam, has slammed claims he has been suicidal. The actor and musician took to his social media platforms to address the rumours that he is trying to commit suicide.

On his Facebook account, Maosa explained that he has been receiving messages from people asking if he is trying to kill himself.

Clement Maosa

“Been getting calls and messages because of these lies. I don’t like entertaining nonsense, but mental illness is a very sensitive issue that mustn’t be joked about. People are going through a lot and we should be sensitive,” he wrote.

He rubbished the rumours, saying he is living a happy life. As for me, I’ve never been this happy in my life. All is going well and I’m grateful. God has been good to me. I am living my dream and I am the happiest. Stop believing everything you read on Facebook,” Maosa explained.

In a video on TikTok, he advised fans to err on the side of caution when posting about suicide as it is a sensitive topic. We cannot joke about such things. Please let us be sensitive before we start posting things that are irresponsible. I am fine,” he said. The actor has been vocal about his battle with depression in the past.

Speaking on Mac G’s Podcast in June last year, Maosa shared that he came from a poor background and also lost both his parents at a young age. Detailing his first suicide attempt, the DJ revealed that it happened after his father passed away.

” ….I tried eish I think I was going through a lot around that time. You know sometimes you get to a point where you just feel like the world is closing up on you, where you don’t see anywhere out. It is like you are in a tunnel but there is no sign of light.

“The first time I actually chowed (ate) the hair remover thing…ermm Soft ‘n’ Free, yeah I just think I ate a lot of it and funny enough it did not do anything. Later on they gave me milk or something…” he told podcaster MacG. On his second attempt, Maosa revealed that he planned to hit head-on with an on-coming truck.

Source: News365

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