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Southern and Central Provinces Affected by Flash Floods

The country’s flood issue will be brought up before cabinet, according to COLLINS NZOVU, minister of the environment and the green economy.

According to Mr. NZOVU, many families have been impacted, and if no immediate action is taken, many lives will be lost.

He claims that additional work must be done to support the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit’s (DMMU) efforts to assist the impacted families.

While flying a Zambia Air Force helicopter and conducting an aerial study of flash floods in the Southern and Central provinces, Mr. NZOVU was speaking.

The DMMU National Coordinator GABRIEL POLLEN, Central Province Minister CREDO NANJUWA, and a few Members of Parliament from the Southern and Central Provinces were in attendance with the Minister.]

Dr. POLLEN, meantime, claimed that the exercise demonstrated how awful the situation is in the impacted areas.

He assured the families affected that DMMU will see to it that the emergency procedures were followed.

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