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Stage set for Kasama’s Kapanda local government election

Five candidates will compete in the Kasama District’s Kapanda local government by-election after the incumbent councilor resigned to join the civil service.

After SILVANO MULENGA decided to enter the teaching service, the position became vacant.

Campaign manager for the Socialist Party Maggie Lombe claims that her group is in a strong position to win because voters have accepted them favorably.

According to Ms. Lombe in an interview with ZNBC News, the party has already laid the groundwork and is well-liked in the Province.

According to PETER YUDA, the district secretary for the Patriotic Front in Kasama, the party is optimistic in keeping the seat.

The by-election set for January 21, 2022, is said to be ready, according to the UPND Provincial Administration.

AMOS CHISHALA of the PF, MOSES KAPAMBWE of the UPND, and independent candidate VICTOR KAPAMBWE are the candidates running in the election.

Others include RODNEY MULENGA of the Socialist Party and BILLY MPUNDU of the Leadership Movement.

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