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Street Vendor Removal Has Been Halted

Before holding additional consultations, President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has ordered the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development NOT to remove street vendors from undesignated trading sites.

President HICHILEMA presided over a meeting at State House this afternoon to discuss the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development GARY NKOMBO’s order from yesterday that street vendors vacate the area by Monday, January 16, 2023.

A committee of ministers, the secretary to the cabinet, the mayor of Lusaka, and all seven members of parliament from the Lusaka District were present at the meeting.

Following the meeting, Mr. NKOMBO claimed that stakeholders had complained that not enough time and information had been provided regarding the directive.

He stated that on Monday, his Ministry will meet with each of the seven MPs and councillors in the City of Lusaka to begin the consultation process.

According to Mr. NKOMBO, the stakeholders who will be consulted include traders, local authorities, and health officials.

He added that all stakeholders around the nation have set aside Friday, January 20, as a day to clean up markets and streets.

Mr. Nkombo has urged all businesspeople, traders, churches, civil society organizations, and nongovernmental organizations to participate in the meetings in order to find a long-term solution to the pressing issue.

The meeting at State House was attended by PF Members of Parliament from Lusaka, and Mr. NKOMBO thanked PF Acting President GIVEN LUBINDA for allowing them to do so.

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