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Suspension of Miles Sampa Met with conflicting reactions from Followers

Miles Sampa, a member of parliament from Matero, who has yet to speak to the media in response to his suspension from the former ruling Patriotic Front (PF), found a means to express himself somewhat over the development.

The PF presidential candidate posted a happy image of Ligue 1 forward Kylian Mbappé on Facebook. Mbappé is a French professional football player.

Mbappé is now regarded as one of the top players in the world and is praised for his dribbling skills, extraordinary speed, and finishing.

Like Mbappé, several of Mr. Sampa’s Facebook fans believe the former mayor of Lusaka is one of the strongest candidates for the PF presidency and could have “dribbled” through a suspension due to his threat.

Others, however, chastised the politician who had been suspended for allegedly making contentious comments at a press conference and urged him to calm down, follow party guidelines, and resolve his hesitation.

One of the followers, Jessie Chissie, reacted ”

“When you know you are the team’s highest scorer 😂”.

Ishmael Mweete wrote “You mbape honorable, let them continue fighting you,but you are unstoppable 💪”.

For Ngozi Sinkala, she is convinced Sampa is a threat to other contenders.

“Awe but ba pf are threatened by you😂”. Ngoza wrote.

“So they’re scared of the Miles 😂😂 elo serve the suspension not ati am forming my own political party apa asaba pusika boss💪” Falesi Lungu wrote.

Chisala Chiyungi wrote

“Basically Mbappe was rejected 🙅‍♂️ by his mother country and joined France 🇫🇷 were he has become prolific player. Ironically your party is rejecting you let’s see the Mbappe in you Miles Sampa”.

But others counseled the politician on the need to be politically mature while some rebuking him for going “offside” .

“Miles you have got qualities but problem is not being stable. Your career is filled with indecisions, short cuts etc” Prince Liteta wrote.

“Ichefyeni[humble yourself] You went offside filachitika but reconcile with the party” Cleopas Njovu wrote.

For Joally Mutobola, the suspension is timely.

“Bamicitafye bwino Yama[They did well to suspend you uncle] there is no way you can be fighting a party that you’re part of it’s not maturity kwangala form your own party so that you can enjoy criticizing the Ruling party and the PF”.

Trump Mulele equated the suspension to dribbling.

“I told you that soon they will dribble you, remember? ” Mulele wrote

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