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Syakalima: Donate Desks

By the end of this year, no student should be forced to sit on the floor in class, according to President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s vision, according to Education Minister DOUGLAS SYAKALIMA, who has appealed to wealthy ZAMBIANS for support.

Since the government’s free education policy has increased enrollment, Mr. SYAKALIMA claims that the attempt to provide an abundance of desks in schools across the nation requires coordinated efforts.

He claims that in order to address the demands of the nation, Zambians must abandon the syndrome of dependence on outside benefactors.

This was mentioned by Mr. SYAKALIMA in Lusaka last night at the reception for ZAMBIA’s HERIOT-WATT University graduates.

Moreover, NICHOLAS WOOLLEY, the British High Commissioner to Zambia, reaffirmed that his nation is dedicated to maintaining and advancing its partnership with Zambia in the fields of education and other areas.

Mr. Woolley applauded the determination of the ZAMBIA alumni of the HERIOT-WATT University in Britain to advance their academic careers.

Meanwhile, PRECIOUS CHITANDA, a human resources specialist and one of the graduates, urged other ZAMBIANS to take advantage of the chance to enroll in the university.

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