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Tanzania’s and Zambia’s immigration departments Meeting in Lusaka

Tanzania's and Zambia's immigration departments are meeting in Lusaka to discuss crimes related to migration.

Meetings between the immigration departments of Zambia and Tanzania are taking place in Lusaka to discuss crimes involving migration, such as human trafficking and immigrant smuggling.

International cooperation, according to Director-General of the Department of Immigration JAPHET LISHOMWA, is a crucial tool for contemporary migration management.

According to Dr. LISHOMWA, the two nations will also make an effort to rectify the unfair treatment of the business sector, particularly truck drivers.
He made this statement at the start of the gathering of the heads of immigration for Tanzania and Zambia.

ANNA MAKAKALA, the commissioner-general of immigration for Tanzania, said during the same event that she anticipates the meeting to produce ideas for battling organized crime and illegal immigration.
According to Dr. MAKAKALA, the meeting should address additional issues that both nations’ borders face in common.

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