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Recent series of murders involving school children alarmes  government

The recent series of murders involving schoolchildren over the course of eleven days has alarmed the government.

This includes CHIKONDI BANDA, a 10-year-old who was kidnapped and killed.
And another ten-year-old, EUNICE KAMUSHI, whose body was discovered yesterday in Lusaka West.
According to the chief government spokesperson, CHUSHI KASANDA, the government is also concerned about the death of another eleven-year-old kid, JOHN SAKALA, who was allegedly shot by his eight-year-old companion in the Makeni neighborhood of Lusaka.

The government is extremely concerned about the loss of young lives under such horrific circumstances, according to Ms. KASANDA, who is also the minister of information and media.
She pointed out that several suspects have already been detained, and she anticipates that all those responsible for these heinous and horrifying deeds will face justice.

Since then, Ms. Kasanda has urged parents, school officials, and the general public to collaborate closely with the police in safeguarding the protection and security of kids in their communities.

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