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Tayali: Great North Road A Danger

According to Transport and Logistics Minister FRANK TAYALI, traveling via Mpika to Nakonde on the Great North Route is now risky due to the poor condition of the road.

According to Mr. TAYALI, the road’s margins have been eaten away, making the majority of the route small.

He claims that urgent work needs to be done on the road and that the government is making every effort to address the poor condition of the road.

The District Commissioner DAVID SIAME was visited by the Transport Minister, who spoke to him in Mpika.

To meet TAZARA employees and see the recently restored Chambeshi Railway Bridge, Mr. TAYALI is in Mpika.

And the Mpika District Commissioner thanked the Minister for making up the 7 months’ worth of unpaid wages to TAZARA employees.

Given the current interest and commitment of the government in the railway transport corporation, he claimed that the company is optimistic about brighter times ahead.

Mr. TAYALI is expected to travel from Mpika to Kasama to inspect the progress of the airport’s construction.

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