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Tayali: Tazama Pipeline Rehab Will Cut Fuel Prices

Renovating the TAZAMA pipeline, according to Zanis’s Minister of Transport and Logistics, Frank Tayali, will result in lower gasoline costs because it will carry 80% of the nation’s petroleum needs.

According to Mr. TAYALI, tanker trucks will be used for the transportation of the final 20% by road.

He claims that shipping fuel by road is expensive since it raises fuel costs nationwide.

The minister claims that after the TAZAMA pipeline is reopened, fuel prices at the pump would drop and the country’s economy will improve for all Zambians.

He claims that the government closed the Ndola-based Indeni Petroleum Refinery Company to upgrade the TAZAMA Pipeline.

Speaking at the Ndola UPND end-of-year celebration was Mr. Tayali.

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