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Plans in place to incorporate natural resources into development planning

Ecosystems that support natural resources have been urged to be considered in development planning by the ministry of finance.

About 40% of the nation’s wealth, according to ministry permanent secretary DENNIS CHISENDA, is made up of natural resources.

According to Mr. CHISENDA, biodiversity is a foundation for development and must be protected to advance people’s quality of life.

At the unveiling of the Natural Capital of the Wealth Accounting and Valuation Ecosystems Report on Land and Water in Lusaka, he made this statement.

The studies are intended to give policy makers reliable information on the nation’s natural resources, which will be used to inform development planning across a range of industries.

Speaking at the same event, World Bank Acting Country Director NGAO MUBANGA claimed that by incorporating the values of natural resources and improving resource management, the program will assist Zambia in achieving sustainable development.

Additionally, the reports will aid the government in understanding how and why the nation’s land is being exploited, according to Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Lands DAPHNE CHABU.

A periodic survey will be carried out by the government to gather information on Zambia’s water resources, according to FLORA SIMUMBA, Director of Water Development and Sanitation in the Department of Water Resources.

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