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Teenager In Salama Park Suspected of killing Parents Has Mental examination

A mental facility has been referred for an evaluation to determine whether or not the 19-year-old student who is accused of killing his parents in their Salama Park home last August will go to trial.

After Bushimbwe Mwakacheya’s pro bono attorney Boniface Chiwala requested that the adolescent’s mental state be evaluated, this occurred.

After seeing the suspect while he was being held, Mr. Chiwala informed High Court Judge Conceptor Zulu that his client required psychological testing before to a trial.

“Following that interaction with my client, am of the view that he be subjected to a mental hospital to determine his fitness and ability to stand trial. This application is made in accordance with section 160 of the CPC CAP 88 of the Laws of Zambia,” Mr Chiwala said.

In response, State advocate Susan Mwamba-Besa said the prosecution team, which was ready for trial with three witnesses, had not objection to the application.

“The application is granted, the accused is to be examined as to his mental capacity to stand trial,” Judge Zulu said.

The duration of the mental evaluation is unknown.

The defendant smiled as they entered the courtroom and walked slowly but steadily out as they were led.

Bushimbwe is accused of killing his mother Pemba Mwakacheya, 52, and father Nathaniel Mwakacheya, 53. The crime occurred in August of last year; the suspect was first charged in October.

In their home on Saturday, August 6, between midnight and 10:00 a.m., the accused is accused of hitting his parents with metal bars.

According to a police report from the incident last year, the suspect is accused of killing his life supporters, wrapping the bodies, and dumping them behind the house. He then allegedly told his sister that the victims had died of COVID-19.

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