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The $100 million tourism facility will benefit Zambia, according to Muhanga

A $100 million loan will help Zambia finance a number of tourism-related improvements.

On Monday, representatives from the World Bank are set to meet with the Ministry of Tourism to discuss the process for obtaining funds.

Agreements on projects to be financed are reportedly being finalized, according to Ministry of Tourism Permanent Secretary EVANS MUHANGA.

In an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka, Mr. MUHANGA stated that a multidisciplinary team has been established to carry out the task at hand and choose the most effective ways to safeguard and use the fund.

The loan, according to Mr. MUHANGA, will assist the nation prosper.

He said that his ministry has already visited Kasaba Bay, Liuwa National Park, and the source of the Zambezi River to determine how best to spend the funds on enhancing tourist attractions.

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