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The Church Requests Analysis Of Gassing

The Copperbelt church of Chingola has advocated for the creation of an impartial investigation into the country’s 2021 gassing scandal.

The lack of a definitive report to put the gassing issue to rest worries the Church.

The Reverend JOHN LUMBWE stated that Zambians want to see a definitive resolution to the issue while speaking on behalf of the clergy during a meeting with President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA YESTERDAY.

Also, Reverend LUMBWE has pleaded with the government to swiftly bring in an equity partner for KCM and Mopani.

To break the deadlock at Mopani and KCM, he claimed, the government must intervene.

Also, President HICHILEMA stated that he has taken note of the church’s worries and is open to receiving advice from it on a number of matters.

The President stated that in order to serve the Zambian people, his government will seek advice from the church.

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