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The Future Is in Conservation Farming

The Northern Provincial Ministry of Agriculture encourages farmers to reduce their reliance on chemical fertilizers by promoting conservation farming.

The application of compost manure and careful tillage of the land, according to BONIFACE MWALONGO, the agriculture coordinator for the Kasama District, preserves the soil.

Speaking on the topic of conservation farming during a field trip to one of a widow’s farms where the Kasama Pastors’ Fellowship is educating over 30 farmers, Northern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary LEWIS MWAPE said the government is eager to collaborate with the church in expanding the agricultural industry.

According to Mr. MWAPE, the government would continue to encourage community members to engage in economic activity.

According to Mr. MWAPE, the region has lagged behind in terms of growth; as a result, it is important to provide support for the agriculture sector going forward.

Farmers are receiving conservation farming instruction from the Kasama Pastors Fellowship in order to ensure that they use compost manure for field nutrients and reduce their reliance on chemicals.

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