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The USA committed to paying off Zambia’s debt.

MICHAEL GONZALES, the US ambassador to Zambia, says his country is still committed to seeing that Zambia’s debt restructuring process is completed as soon as possible.

DU XIAOHUI, Mr. GONZALES’ Chinese colleague, and he recently met to discuss, among other things, Zambia’s debt restructuring process.

He continued by saying that rather than being seen as antagonism, the trade rivalry between the United States and China should be seen as beneficial to progress.

At a news conference convened at the American Embassy in Lusaka, Mr. GONZALES gave his remarks.

And Mr. GONZALES clarifies that the United States government’s assistance to Zambia is legitimately intended to grow a number of sectors and enhance the quality of life for its people.


He claimed that because of the two nations’ close ties, U.S. Vice President KAMALA HARRIS recently paid a historic visit to the nation.

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