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Threats from neighborhood residents to demolish home of alleged killer

THERE WAS DISORDER yesterday in Lusaka’s Garden Township as members of the public went berserk trying to destroy the home of Nalukui Akafekwa, 24, who is accused of killing a missing 10-year-old kid.

Police were able to contain the situation with quick response.

Since then, police have pleaded with the public to refrain from enforcing the law on their own whenever they feel wronged.

Recently, Chikondi Banda, 10, was allegedly abducted and killed by the suspect Akafekwa, who is currently being held by police.

According to him, the suspect originally intended to demand money from the boy’s parents before deciding to kill him.

But, according to police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale, residents of Garden Township want the suspect’s home torn down.

“Police officers quickly moved in and together with the area Councilor. They engaged the public and managed to bring the situation under control. Calm has since been restored and officers are monitoring the situation through patrols in the compound. We appeal to members of the public never to take the law into their own hands whenever they feel aggrieved as doing so always results in the commission of other offences,” he said.

Mr Mwale further added that the suspect is in Police custody.

He urged members of the public to allow the law to take its full course.

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