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Thumb Print Requirement Revised By NHIMA

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIMA) has updated its procedures to allow members who may be very ill and unable to use its computer system to thumb method to obtain medication from pharmacies it has accredited.

A family member, friend, or coworker can now obtain a form from NHIMA and have it signed by a doctor on their behalf, according to NHIMA Public Relations Officer CHANDA KALUBA.

According to Mr. KALUBA, this is in reaction to concerns made by some, primarily family members of individuals enrolled in the program, who said that they were unable to perform thumb procedures for their sick relatives and as a result were unable to obtain medicine for them.

He underlined, however, that under the amended system, anyone receiving medication for a sick person won’t need to use their thumb unless they are the account owners.

And Mr. KALUBA recommended program participants to make sure they register their beneficiaries so they won’t face any difficulties getting access to medications from any NHIMA authorized facility.

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