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42 cases of professional misconduct documented in health sector

According to the Health Professionals Council of Zambia (HPCZ), 42 cases of alleged professional misconduct were reported this year.

Public health facilities recorded a 62 percent partial compliance rate, with 9.5 percent being non-compliant and slated for closure, according to HPCZ Public Relations Manager TERRY MUSONDA.

He cites a mismatch between recruiting and deployment as well as insufficient specialists as the causes of the low levels of compliance by public health facilities.

However, Mr. Musonda has praised private healthcare facilities for achieving a compliance rate of 97 percent with HPCZ rules.

He claims that HPCZ plans to improve its inspection team and increase its vigilance in monitoring healthcare facilities.

Mr. MUSONDA adds that HPCZ has started the process of distributing license application forms to medical professionals and will shortly start holding the exams.

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