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IDC: Hiring Health Workers Is Crucial To Providing Services

The International Drug Company (IDC), Chanesa Tembo, is impressed by the significance that the Zambian government has accorded to the welfare of its population, as seen by the large recruitment of health professionals this year.

BEATRICE TEMBO, firm division manager, states that her organization is eager to collaborate with the government to make sure that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare.

Assorted medical items valued at 60 thousand kwacha were given to Chikankata and Macha Hospital in Southern Province by the IDC while Ms. TEMBO was speaking.

She claimed that the donation was necessary because of Zambia’s favorable business climate and was made to support the government’s efforts to provide people with high-quality healthcare.

According to Ms. TEMBO, the donated materials include syringes, medical gloves, and various medications such as cloxin caps.

The donation has been made at a time when the government needs the cooperation of the business sector to provide basic services to the people, according to JACQUELINE SABAO, a member of parliament for the Chikankata district.

According to Ms. SABAO, the rainy season brings a variety of illnesses like cholera and diarrhea among other diseases; as a result, it’s important to resupply hospitals with enough medication.

She stated that the government will continue to collaborate with the private sector to guarantee that the public receives effective and high-quality healthcare.

Additionally, the donation came at a time when Chikankata Medical Hospital was having some issues obtaining drugs, according to acting medical superintendent GOMA GALAMIEL.

Dr. GALAMIEL also expressed gratitude to the authorities and parties involved.

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