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“when Tazama Is Revamped, Fuel Prices Will Decrease”

The TAZAMA Pipeline is reportedly being renovated by the government, which would help bring down fuel costs nationwide.

This, according to Frank Tayali, minister of transport and logistics, is the reason why the government shut down the Indeni Petroleum Refinery Company in Ndola.

According to Mr. Tayali, the economy would be favorable for all Zambians once the TAZAMA pipeline is reopened and the price of fuel at the pump will drop.

At the United Party for National Development’s (UPND) end-of-year party in Ndola, he made the statement.

Mr. Tayali added that after the TAZAMA pipeline is upgraded, 80 percent of the nation’s fuel needs will be met via pipeline transportation, with the remaining 20 percent being fulfilled by tanker trucks on the roads.

He claimed that the high cost of gasoline transportation over the road contributed to the nation’s high fuel prices.

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