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TK Nciza on Zahara: ‘We loved each other till the last day’

Mzansi’s politician, entrepreneur, and music mogul, TK Nciza spoke of the impact award-winning singer Zahara had on the music industry at her funeral service at East London International Convention Centre on Saturday.

Zahara, real name Bulelwa Mkutukana, died on December 11.

Since her death claims about alleged unpaid royalties amounting to millions after she left TS Records have surfaced, putting the spotlight on TK Nciza and DJ Sbu, who discovered her in 2010.


Paying tribute to Zahara at her funeral service, TK recalled the first time he witnessed her talent and two meetings he had with the singer’s parents to get their blessing for her to move into his home, which he shared with his ex-wife Nhlanhla Mafu.

TK spoke about how Zahara healed through her music and the accolades she collected through her hit songs.

TK Nciza

“She was very proud of her background and where she came from. And what it means is that you must take pride in where you come from as a person. She always said she comes from Phumlani, because she must inspire many people who are coming from that area and I think she has done that,” he said.

“She was not just a musician to me, and I know that people always believe that it was always a transactional issue. She was my younger sister, she was my kid, we loved each other till the last day.”


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