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Idols SA’s Sneziey hits back at social media trolls

Idols SA contestant Snenhlanhla ‘Sneziey’ Msomi bravely confronted internet trolls who had made negative comments about her six-month-old daughter. After sharing pictures of her baby girl on her Instagram timeline, Sneziey faced scrutiny from social media bullies. In response to the cyberbullying, she took to her Instagram Stories to address the hatred, expressing her frustration.

Sneziey expressed her disappointment that her music never receives as much attention as the cyberbullying she endures. She questioned when she would be vindicated and highlighted the unfairness of her baby girl being subjected to bullying at such a young age. Sneziey also raised concerns about her daughter growing up with a low self-esteem due to the accusations of bullying directed at her mother, referencing Sneziey’s time on the fifteenth season of Idols SA.


Addressing the naysayers, Sneziey questioned whether her daughter should suffer the consequences of her mother’s perceived actions and asked if it was fair for adults to bully an innocent child. She expressed her worry that one day her daughter would search her name on the internet and come across all the insults and negativity, adding to the distress caused.

In another Instagram Story, Sneziey defended her decision to protect her child by limiting her exposure to certain platforms. She drew a parallel to her grandmother’s experience, stating that her grandmother couldn’t defend herself on radio stations when she was unfairly labeled. Sneziey revealed that she had previously chosen to remain silent on the matter, but it had taken a toll on her mental well-being.


She expressed her frustration with the journey she had taken on Idols SA and how she felt broken and unsupported during that time. Sneziey had hoped to enjoy this phase of her life like any other mother but felt that the accusations of being a bully had overshadowed her happiness. She concluded by expressing her distress at being labeled a bully and how it was impacting her and her baby’s well-being.


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