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Royal AM’s Shauwn Mkhize speaks on Tottenham Hotspur deal

R1 billion proposal to sponsor an English football club, Tottenham Hotspur has seen widespread backlash from South Africans, including local soccer bosses like Royal AM’s Shauwn Mkhize, aka MaMkhize.

Earlier in the week, Daily Maverick revealed that the Department of Tourism, under its marketing division SA Tourism had forged ahead with the lucrative proposal, despite the backlash.

According to government authorities, the deal would encourage tourists to visit SA, thanks to an invaluable amount of media exposure.

Shauwn Mkhize

According to Daily Maverick, the Department of Tourism recently submitted a proposal to sponsor Tottenham Hotspur – a well-known English Premier League club.

The ministry, including minister Lindiwe Sisulu and the marketing division SA Tourism – presented a proposal this week to the board, claims the publication.

Daily Maverick reports that close to R1 billion would be allocated to support the elite club over three years. In return, the local tourism sector would receive “media exposure.”

On Thursday, 2 February, the department held a press conference to clarify the allegations. However, SA Tourism chief executive officer Themba Khumalo stated that the Tottenham Hotspur deal would forge ahead despite the widespread opposition.

Shauwn Mkhize

He said: “The board made a conditional approval because it commercially makes sense, but it needs communication with the stakeholders to make sure they’re aligned.

“There’s no signed contract, but there is an intention to. We need to do due diligence and follow government processes”.

According to a local publication, SA Tourism would receive kit branding, interview backdrop branding, match-day advertising, partnership announcements, training camps in South Africa, and free access to tickets and stadium hospitality in exchange for the investment.

But while Tottenham Hotspur stands a chance to benefit from the sponsorship, football clubs back home are not as lucky.

Speaking to a local publication, MaMkhize claimed that she had “challenged” stakeholders on the sponsorship proposal.

The Royal AM CEO said: “I challenged them and asked for their rationale.

“They said they are not sponsoring a club but are buying and tapping into their database, which is the biggest globally”.

But according to the businesswoman, the concept simply did not make sense.

She added: “I am not sure if this is possible. South Africa has so many problems, like load shedding.

“Our teams are suffering, and they do not have sponsors. Maybe they can invest in women’s football, which will get a global audience because they will be playing at the Fifa World Cup this year”.

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