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Tropical Storm FREDDY Has Been Weaker

Tropical Storm FREDDY, according to the Zambia Meteorological Agency, has weakened into a low pressure system over Southern Malawi and is forecast to move towards Eastern Zambia near the Lundazi District.

The weather forecast indicates that while Cyclone FREDDY is weak, Zambia will not be severely affected by it.

The Department claims that the weather in the northern section of the country is being affected by a damp and unstable airflow from the North West Congo.

This will cause precipitation to occur.

A rather moist wind from the southeast is affecting the weather over areas of the west, south, central, and east, according to the Met department, causing isolated raindrops to fall.

Meanwhile, the nation is experiencing temperatures ranging from 25 to 33 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, Friday is forecast to bring sporadic rains to the nation.

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