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Faith Nketsi opens up on her troubled marriage



faith nketsi and nzuzo

Well-known Mzansi reality TV star and influencer Faith Nketsi has left South Africans absolutely buzzing with the new season of her reality TV show, Have Faith. In episode one, the star opens up about moving out of her marital home after having trouble with her husband Nzuzo Njilo. A few months ago, Nzuzo was trending online after the Port Shepstone police issued a warrant of arrest as well as a wanted poster showing his face.

In the midst of all of that, Faith shared a snap of Nzuzo playing with their daughter Sky in an adorable black and white photo, something many believed was a front. And now she has finally opened up about the reality of her marriage.

All along, Faith Nketsi Njilo left people guessing when it came to her marriage to Nzuzo Njilo who has been accused of fraud and a number of other crimes.

Faith Nketsi

While rumours swirled that she and him had split, she continued to share posts about her beautiful and happy little family.

Even after a warrant of arrest was issued for Nzuzo who subsequently handed himself over to the police.

Taking to her Instagram shortly after the warrant of arrest was issued, Faith shared a photo of her fugitive husband playing with their little baby.

“They play way too much,” she captioned the photo.

Nzuzo Njilo

And now the first episode of Have Faith season 5 has revealed that she has indeed moved out of her marital home and may even be considering a divorce.

During one of her diary sessions on the show, she shared that having to move out of her marital home and back with her mom was a huge source of embarrassment for her.

“Since the last time you saw me I have been adjusting to being a new mother, being a wife. I moved out of my marital home,” she says at the start of the show.

“What was collapsing, my whole marriage was collapsing right in front of my eyes,” she said in her video diary.

“It is such an embarrassing situation, I’m embarrassed for my soul,” she added.

At the end of the episode, she also visits a divorce lawyer.

Social media users have weighed in on the news and appear to feel bad for Faith. Many also wondered if their marriage will withstand all of the drama.

“I genuinely was rooting for Njilo & Faith Nkentsi,I hope they are not toying with our emotions just to get more views for the show but @ the same time I dnt want the divorce to happen,” wrote one person.


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Well-known South African actress, model, and media personality, Lerato Kganyago’s husband, Thami Ndlala, who is the owner of 12 on Hillel Hotel and Spa was allegedly involved in a gun-wielding confrontation with his landlord Urban Mountain owner Feizal Logart over his refusal to evacuate the rented property on 14 on Hillel in Northcliff Johannesburg, ZiMoja reported.

Lerato Kganyago and Thami Ndala

To make matters worse, Thami Ndlala is also accused by the Urban Mountain owner of embarking on the construction of a guard house boundary wall without obtaining the necessary approval documents from the City of Johannesburg, Read More

Mzansi Celebs

Photos – Anele Mdoda flaunts slim summer body




Anele Mdoda

Well-known Mzansi media personality Anele Mdoda is having the last laugh by showing off her trimmed and toned figure after being body-shamed by cruel cyberbullies.

Over the weekend, the 947 presenter posted new pictures of her weight loss – and fans were impressed by her efforts.

In the pics, Anele was seen out and about with her son Alakhe for an A-lister event.

Anele Mdoda

The mom-of-one wore a black dress with a tulle skirt that showed off her legs and thighs.

The comments section under the post was filled with well wishes from fans who praised her attitude and willpower in the face of cruel trolls.

Anele Mdoda

One tweep posted: “Anele Mdoda worked really hard. From being called Pumba to here is a milestone reached . Ladies and gentlemen, clap your hands”.

Anele’s hot new look has fans inundating her with requests to share her weight loss “secrets.”

The bubbly star happily indulged, adding that it was pretty simple.

“Been boxing for close to two years now, and I eat when I’m hungry, not when I’m bored,” she told a tweep.

Anele Mdoda

Alakhe’s mom is a regular at boxing at the fitness centre Knockout Legends in Sandton, which is frequented by other celebs like Unathi Nkayi, Zola Nombona, and Connie Ferguson.

She’s also big on running and hiking too.

The Celebrity Game Night SA host then responded to another tweep who asked the star to start a fitness programme with a group of ladies.

“Sis, looking at your comments section, a lot of ladies, including myself, have tried so many ways to lose weight but face a lot of challenges to do so. I PLEAD desperately so to kindly take at least ten ladies on for about three months & work with them”, tweeted the fan.

To which Anele responded that there was no fast-track option for her type of weight loss.

“Shuuuuuuu, what an ask. It’s a two-year process, though,” she replied.


In other news – Bianca Naidoo leaves late Riky Rick’s mansion in Waterfall

Late South African rapper Riky Rick’s partner Bianca Naidoo has reportedly vacated the lush mansion she rented out with the late muso since 2021.

Riky Rick

A local publication reports that Naidoo has moved out of the lush mansion a year after the death of Riky Rick, who was found dead by suicide in the studio of their rented Waterfall Estate home in Midrand. Read More

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Mzansi Celebs

Bianca Naidoo moves out of late Riky Rick’s mansion




Bianca Naidoo

Late South African rapper Riky Rick’s partner Bianca Naidoo has reportedly vacated the lush mansion she rented out with the late muso since 2021.

A local publication reports that Naidoo has moved out of the lush mansion a year after the death of Riky Rick, who was found dead by suicide in the studio of their rented Waterfall Estate home in Midrand.

Since 2021, she has been living in the Waterfall Estate in Midrand. Rumour mill has it that the lush mansion was not part of Riky Rick’s estate, and Naidoo moved out three months ago.

Bianca Naidoo

Close sources have it that the owner of the lush Waterfall mansion has been struggling to find new tenants after Naidoo moved out. However, confirmed reports have it that a new tenant has been staying at the house.

Speaking to the publication, the source said, “The woman lives abroad where she and her husband work and run their business. She had to come back a month ago to find another tenant.”

When contacted for comment by the media, Naidoo gave a cryptic response that convinced many that she was no longer living in the lush mansion.

Bianca Naidoo

She has it that she still lives in Waterfall Estate. Naidoo said, “I’m around that area … but you may go ahead with the story.” Against the news, she made it known that she was not down and out.

Naidoo made it known that her family had been doing well since the star passed away. “Both me and my kids, we are doing fine, just taking it easy,” she said.


In other news – Update: Zahara in an unresponsive state in hospital

The distressing news has recently been confirmed by Zahara‘s family and team, revealing that the singer and songwriter is currently receiving medical care.


Nova, sharing his sentiments with the media, recounted the last time he spoke to Zahara when she radiated health and joy. The “Ndikuthandile” hitmaker disclosed that they were actively preparing for an upcoming international performance, heightening the unexpected shock of the subsequent events. Read More

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