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Tutwa Ngulube is put to rest

Many people from many walks of life paid their tribute to the late attorney Tutwa Ngulube, who passed away last week in a hospital, in Kabwe.

Former President Edgar Lungu and his wife Esther Lungu, Minister of Local Government Garry Nkombo, Minister of Transportation Frank Tayali, as well as numerous others, including Patriotic Front members, paid their respects (PF).

The mourners all had different things to say about Mr. Ngulube, a former member of parliament from Kabwe.

His wife referred to him as her friend, lover, father, and husband, and she could hardly remember life without him because he had helped to mold her into the person she was today.

Mrs. Ngulube recalled that her husband had made light of death two days prior to his passing.

Jokingly you said let me take photos of you in case I die, that was during the graduation of our twins. Little did I know two days later you would be no more,” she said.

She went on to say that Mr. Ngulube was a people person with a busy schedule who always found time for her and their kids.

The resignation of Mr. Ngulube was a significant loss, according to Minister of Local Government Gary Nkombo, who issued a message of condolences on behalf of President Hakainde Hichilema.

He said those that experienced Ngulube, like him would remember him saying that “A stranger is a best friend you have never met before.”

“He had a golden smile and humor you could not ignore. Around his death there are more questions thanks answers, but we should all look above. The departure of Tutwa should be one of the reasons we should come together. Let us have deep introspection and reflection on Tutwa’s death. Let us not bury Tutwa in vain, but unity,” he said.

Given Lubinda, the acting president of the PF, added that Mr. Ngulube would be remembered for his unmatched courage and lack of fear of criticism.

He was a loving and carrying parent who put the interests of his children and family before himself. He was willing to take even the most unpopular political cases and would represent his clients. We will remember how he sent parliament into laughter after a debate saying ‘Holy ghost fire, holy ghost fire,” he said.

The legal community lamented the loss of a dynamic young man who went above and beyond to advocate for his clients.

We have lost a gallant soldier who represented his clients without fear. Let us emulate Tutwa. He represented humanity,” they said.


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