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Pearl Thusi slammed over twerking video

Popular South African actress and media personality, Pearl Thusi managed to land herself on the trends list again, this time for a video of her gyrating. In the clip, which has gone viral, the media personality can be seen twerking and having fun at a pool.

Scores on social media shared their two cents about the actress, who seems to be making headlines a lot these days.

Pearl and Sello Maake ka Ncube recently took a picture with the Zimbabwean president and it went viral.

She responded to a backlash over her participation in a tour to Zimbabwe, saying she didn’t know anything about the elections to be held in that country.

Pearl Thusi

“For those people who made it look like a political trip, those people are the ones who punished the three of us. We were told we are going there for good times and tourism.

“I had a good time, and I don’t have any regrets whatsoever. I don’t regret a thing, so all the best to you guys. I had a scarf. What was I supposed to do? The president gave me a scarf. I took the scarf,” she said.

“Also point me to a country where everyone is happy, where everyone is pleased with the leadership. I’ll be back in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a beautiful country. What’s more beautiful about Zimbabwe is the people. I didn’t even know there were elections coming up. I just wanted to go to Victoria Falls. Why is Sello not trending, why is Sonia not trending? Why are you guys coming for me? Because you think I’m an easy target.”

She trended for several days when her chiffon jumpsuit that displayed a peek of her breasts at Rich Mnisi’s One Of One party with Adidas on June 10 went viral.

Pearl Thusi

Responding, Pearl took to her Instagram stories to tell her followers to never let anyone police their life choices.

“Live your lives, ladies. You don’t need anyone’s permission,” she wrote.

In another post, Pearl spoke of having worn a similar look for magazine features and posing nude to shed light on social issues.

“Also y’all need to stop acting like y’all ain’t seen my ladies in my movies already. Nothing new happening here. I even did the Marie Claire naked what what twice.”


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Nadia Nakai twerks for late AKA

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