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Two kids, ages 3 and 5, admitted to hospital with severe burns

Due to a candle that was left burning in their home, TWO children, ages three and five, from Kitwe on the Copperbelt, are in severe condition and have been brought to Kitwe Teaching Hospital.

Due to high blood pressure brought on by learning about her two children, whom she had given custody of to her 14-year-old brother, Margaret Masamushi has also been hospitalized to the same hospital.

Isaac Chabinga and Elizabeth Chabinga, two toddlers, were burned on their faces, arms, and legs in a fire that happened on Tuesday, according to Copperbelt commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba.

Facts are that Margret Masamushi left the two kids in the custody of her young brother Winfold Masamusha aged 14 at around 24:00 hours and went to an unknown place. When the three Children went to sleep they did not put off the candle. Whilst they were sleeping, the candle fell on the Sofas, which caught fire and the fire spread to other household goods. When Winfold Masamusha woke up, he saw that the house was on fire. He managed to flee the house, leaving the two kids still sleeping and went to alert the neighbours, who quickly rushed to rescue the two kids. By the time they were rescued, they had already suffered the burns,” he said.

The two children, according to Mr. Mweemba, were taken urgently to Kitwe Teaching Hospital and are now being treated in the Children’s Surgical ward.

Isaac Chabinga suffered burns on both arms, the face and both legs described to be 31 percent, while Elizabeth Chabinga suffered burns on both hands, both legs, abdomen, and the face, described to be 34 percent. The condition of both children has been described as serious,” he said.

He added that the mother of the two children has also been admitted to hospital due to high blood pressure.


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