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Two suspects who fled judicial custody sentenced to two years in prison

Two of the twelve suspects who fled from judicial custody were sentenced to two years in prison.

Ten of the twelve criminals who allegedly ran away from a Lundazi police station are still at large and are allegedly terrorizing locals.

While two of the suspects charged with aggravated robbery have since been found, found guilty, and given a two-year jail sentence for escape from lawful custody.

One murder suspect, one aggravated robbery suspect, two arson suspects, two suspects accused of illegally possessing a firearm, one suspect accused of servant theft, one suspect accused of calling someone a witch, and one suspect accused of criminal trespass are among the 10 other suspects still at large.

Lundazi region Brenda Nyirenda, a member of parliament, asked Jack Mwiimbu, minister of home affairs and internal security, during a question-and-answer session in parliament if police were aware that the 12 suspects who escaped from illegal custody last Tuesday were causing panic.

She further enquired of the police what steps had been taken to guarantee the return of the 12 to custody.

In response, the Police were informed and efforts were being made to return the suspects to custody, according to acting minister of home affairs and internal security Chipoka Mulenga, who is also the minister of commerce, trade, and industry.

“So far, two of the 12 suspects that escaped from lawful custody have been arrested and we’re convicted and sentenced to two-years imprisonment. These two suspects were facing the charge of Aggravated Robbery before they escaped,” he said.

He added that although there had been no reports of criminals terrorizing members of the public, there were steps in place to make sure the suspects were apprehended.

“Police have put in place intensified searches for the 10 escapees at large, intelligence searches which are working with members of the community and we have also enhanced foot patrols,” he said.

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