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Uganda releases detained Arsenal supporters

Eight Arsenal supporters who were detained in Jinja, Uganda after being caught celebrating the team’s Premier League victory over Manchester United, have since been freed.

When they were taken into custody on Monday, they were carrying a symbolic trophy and wearing the club’s red shirt.

According to the police, the march was held without a permit, which is a violation of public order.

However, on Tuesday, a joint security team decided to release them under guard, according to James Mubi, a spokesman for the local police.

If Arsenal wins the premier league, one of the supporters reportedly told journalists that they will “ask permission [to celebrate]”.

The so-called spokesperson for Arsenal in Uganda said, “We’ll celebrate in Bugembe stadium.”

The police spokesman claimed the supporters did not understand the fundamentals of the team, that they were unaware of the year in which Arsenal went undefeated, and that they had incorrectly identified a former goalie from Uganda as an Arsenal player.

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