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Unidentified assailants assault Israeli ambassador to Zambia

Unidentified assailants assault the Israeli ambassador to Zambia, robbing her of her diplomatic passport and other belongings.

Ofra Fargo, Israel’s ambassador to Zambia, was attacked last week by unidentified individuals who stole her purse, which contained an iPhone, a diplomatic passport, a credit card, and other personal goods worth USD $4,950.

Since then, police have started looking for the suspects.

According to Danny Mwale, a spokesman for the police, the event happened last Friday, February 3, at around 22:30 a.m. along Manda Hill road in the nation’s capital.

He claimed that a white car with unknown further specifications is thought to have been driven by the suspects.

“Brief facts are that the victim was  walking from the eating place behind Manda Hill shopping Mall in the company of her colleague only  identifiedas as Alex to Sarovar Hotel. During the attack, she was pushed to the ground and sustained general body pains.She was rushed to the hospital for medical attention,” he said.

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