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Vice president claims, “We never promised roses without thorns”

Vice-President Mutale Nalumango says government is with Zambians as it works to address the challenges. As Zambians struggle with the high cost of living, which has seen a price of a bag of mealie meal fetching at more than K200 per kilogram bag coupled with the ongoing hike in fuel prices, Vice-President Nalumango says government is with them.

When Ms. Nalumango appeared on Radio Phoenix this morning, she stated that the government is concerned for Zambians’ wellbeing and that “we have not left you behind.”

“Trust us, we feel what you feel, I am a part of you. We have to work together to resolve [the challenges] wow never said that it would be easy [to address the challenges]. We never promised roses without thorns,” she said.

She emphasized, however, that even if such choices mean that they would only serve for a period, the government will proceed prudently as it implements various measures targeted at addressing the welfare of individuals.

Let’s navigate together, it’s better we do one term and leave a positive print. Not to over borrowing [debt] and allowing cadres to do wrong things,” Ms Nalumango said.

In addressing issues facing the nation, such as the depreciation of the kwacha, she claimed that the New Dawn is merely in the driver’s seat and does not own a monopoly of wisdom.

When people voiced their concerns about the status of the economy and other issues during the call-in program, Ms. Nalumango replied, “It [kwacha devaluation] might be that we are an import-based economy.”

Although the UPND made a number of campaign promises, according to her, the ruling party should be evaluated based on what it will carry out over the course of a complete five-year term in accordance with its 10point plan.

“10point plan is not a magic figure, you need to judge UPND after five years,” she said.

According to Ms. Nalumango, the government has so far achieved a number of goals outlined in the 10 Point Plan, including the restoration of the rule of law and the creation of jobs in the health and education sectors.

But it’s impossible to do all this [in the 10 point plan] in one year,” she said adding.

Ms. Nalumango stated that the difficulties encountered during the process were part of the “learning curve” in response to concerns on the late delivery of inputs.

Regarding corruption, Ms. Nalumango stated that the government has stepped up its fight against it by urging people to come out with any suspicions of corruption, especially if it involves themselves or other government employees.

Because “no one has a monopoly of wisdom,” she claimed, the government will collaborate with all stakeholders to address the difficulties facing the nation.

When pushed to account for the campaign promises, other callers urged the government to cease blaming the former Patriotic regime for the debt load.

“Even the last caller made reference to UNIP government,” she said.

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