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We’ll Keep Our Election Promises – UPNDC/Belt

As the UPND marks one year and three months in power, the party’s leadership on the Copperbelt claims President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is still keeping the campaign promises he made to Zambians.

President HICHILEMA has kept his pledge of providing free education, according to UPND KITWE District Chairman SHADRECK CHATABA. He has also hired over 40,000 health and education professionals as well as 40,000 members of the armed forces.

According to Mr. CHATABA, President HICHILEMA has also paid over 3,000 pensioners who have been on the waiting list for decades and boosted the number of beneficiaries on FISP to 1 million.

He was discussing the accomplishments of the UPND government.

Following a visit by the President, who showed concern over the current situation, Mr. CHATABA predicted that Kwacha Constituency in KITWE will experience an improvement in its water and sanitation.

Meanwhile, the opposition Patriotic Front’s planned rally would NOT be permitted, according to BOWAS KAPATA, the youth chairman of the UPND KITWE District.

According to Mr. KAPATA, the opposition party that fled the nation while its members were in intensive care is the same one that is organizing protests.

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