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Woman Discovered chained to a fence fined K18

Woman who was discovered chained to a fence near Lusaka's Freedom Statue was merely fined K18.

The 28-year-old property manager who was inexplicably discovered Wednesday tied to a fence at the Freedom Statue in Lusaka was fined K18 after pleading guilty to the charge of Idle and Disorderly Persons.

Dorcas Nachimbola runs the possibility of spending a month in jail if she doesn’t pay the fee.

In this case, Foxdale resident Dorcas was accused of being an idle and rowdy person.

On December 7, Ms. Nachibola is accused of acting in a way that would have disturbed the peace in public.

She was discovered there between 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning by a bystander, who then called the police, who then detained her.

In addition, a placard that read “Stop offering conditioner help, we want diplomas, No visa” could be seen close to the woman wearing designer black open-toe heels.

The accused confessed the charge as the prosecution recited the facts in her case this morning when she appeared before magistrate Irene Wishimanga for a plea.

In an effort to lessen the sentence, the defendant’s attorney noted that his client is a first-time offender who promptly admitted guilt and displayed regret.

The woman, who acted unjustly due to ignorance, is now repentant, the court was informed.

No matter how great the purpose (for her conduct), “the result will not justify the means,” a lawyer said. “She is really sorry.”

Her attorney begged the judge to be forgiving and think about fining his client.

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