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Women are advised not to marry off young girls

CLEMENT ANDELEKI, a member of parliament for the Katombora Constituency, has advised ladies in the Kazungula district’s Makunka Village not to marry off young girls.

Early marriage, according to Dr. ANDELEKI, is one of the main issues contributing to poverty in rural Kazungula.

At a celebration honoring women held in Kazungula’s Makunka Village, he made this statement and emphasized that the government wanted girls to have access to a quality education.

According to Dr. ANDELEKI, the government will build eleven towers in Kazungula District this year to enhance communication connectivity.

Women’s Day activities, according to UPND Deputy Provincial Chairlady ROSEMARY SIANJANSE, are for all women, regardless of the party to which they may belong.

Because they are the ones who elect political leaders to power, she claimed that women play a crucial role in the electoral process.

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